MSU study says 2010 job hiring levels will decrease

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If you’re not graduating soon, thank your lucky stars! Michigan State University has just released a study that found 2010 hiring levels will hit their lowest levels in decades.  After surveying 2,500 businesses, MSU researchers came to the conclusion that 2010 will see an overall 2 percent drop in hiring.

Unexpected fields like accounting, banking, engineering and computer science and programming are expected to see a hiring decrease. Lots of teaching jobs are expected to be laid off, but this largely depends on how much federal funding the area receives.

Some hot fields for 2010 are expected to be nursing, social work, statistics, multimedia, Web site design and agriculture production.

The size of the company also dictates its forecasted hiring level. MSU’s study said mid-sized companies (500 to 4,000 employees) expect to decrease hiring by 11 percent, while large companies (more than 4,000 employees) plan to decrease hiring by 3 percent. However, smaller companies (less than 500 employees) will increase hiring by 15 percent.

Where you live has a lot to do with it, too. The study found hiring is down by 8 percent in the middle Atlantic and Southeast regions, while hiring around Texas and California is inversely up. The Upper Plains and Great Lakes regions are also experiencing hiring decreases.

In the news release, Kelley Bishop, MSU’s career services director, noted the importance for college students to have internships and develop their critical thinking skills.

“The premium is being placed on flexibility and adaptability,” Bishop said, “because this change in the labor market looks like it’s permanent. And those who can quickly adapt are the ones who are going to survive through this and prosper through this.”

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