MTV Bans Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video From Rotation

Ok, so the network that brought us Jersey Shore and Sixteen and Pregnant apparently has a problem with bare butts and penis jokes. At least that’s vibe MTV is giving off. CNN reported yesterday that the (former) music channel wasn’t putting Lady Gaga‘s Telephone video into rotation due to “questionable content.” Just so we’re clear here, we’ve decided to break down some of the highlights:

1. Gaga joke about her not having a penis as expected following a strip-down by prison guards

2. Gaga’s bare ass

3. Gaga with tape over her boobs

4. Gaga kisses a butch lesbian

5. Gaga and Beyonce ride around in the Kill Bill yellow “Pussy Wagon”

6. Gaga utters the word “motherf@$ker”

7. They kill a lot of people

8. They ride off into the sunset together

On a scale of 1-10 we’d give this a 6 and slap it with a PG-13 rating. Now, MTV is denying that “Telephone” has been banned, but a quick peek at their programming schedule shows it’s nowhere to be found. As of Monday, the video had garnered almost 15 million pageviews on YouTube, which sort of suggests a LOT of people are watching it. MTV is a music channel, they have the option of playing it after 10 P.M., AND as far as we’re concerned, it’s not any worse than Madonna‘s “Like a Prayer” or Pearl Jam‘s “Jeremy.” Bleep it. Blur it. Edit it for content. Do what needs to be done. Just don’t be hypocritical. We’d rather watch one kooky blond take on the world in a weird outfit then a gazillion rap and hip hop videos where women are objectified and referred to as a “bitch” or a “ho.”

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