MTV Turns 25; Current TV turns 1

25 years ago today, MTV was launched, defining a generation of teens and twenty-somethings who “just want their MTV”. In the beginning, it was music videos 24/7, but has grown to include 1/2 hour and hour-long series, news updates, awards shows and more. And don’t forget that MTV gave birth to reality television with The Real World. With all the additional programming, they’ve expanded adding other channels like MTV2 and MTVU.

Quick on their heels is Current TV. Launched last year, Current features short videos called Pods, made by average people doing extrordinary things.
Check it out at “”:// And Happy Birthday MTV!

Makeup and Beauty: Fall Trends

Beauty Columnist and makeup artist, Kim Weinstein weighs in on Fall makeup trends and must-haves! “Read Kim’s Column”://

_”Almost every makeup artist this fall cited rock and roll as their inspiration for the heavy, perfectly black eyes that walked down the runway. This is a look almost anyone can do, as it was probably the first one you ever tried. Rim the inside and outside of your lids with MAC’s Smoulder eyeliner. Smudge it up toward the lid. Depending on the time of day (hopefully you are not sporting this look to your 8 a.m. Statistics class) you can apply Carbon (straight black) or Black Tied (black with sparkles) on the lid…”_

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