Must Read for College Girls: Janet Groth’s The Receptionist


I have always been an avid reader in high school but with the packed schedule of a college undergrad, I realized I took my leisure reading for granted. Now, I make it a point to take time out of my day to read books for fun, growth, or a learning experience. When making my New Year’s Resolutions, I knew that if I incorporated reading into one of my goals, I would have a way to keep myself on track with catching up on all the reading I missed out on. I came up with a plan to read 52 books throughout 2014, which will even out to one book per week.

A majority of the books I picked were self-help books, biographies, and top recommended books for young “twenty something” women. When researching these books, one book that kept appearing was The Receptionist by Janet Groth. After reading the amazing reviews about this book, I decided that it should be one I to add to my list. I am so glad I added this book to my list and highly recommend it to both undergrads and recent graduates.

The Receptionist is a collection of Janet Groth’s adventures and experiences at The New Yorker. In the late 1950’s she began a career that would lead her through experiences some could only dream of. Her honesty and witty sense of humor is refreshing and makes this book a page turner.

As a secretary, Janet had an inside look of the lives of the people that worked in The New Yorker. With the funny anecdotes about people she ran into through out her work day, Janet reflects on her experiences finding herself while starting off as a young women working in the city. There were several times that I found myself remembering extremely similar questions I’ve asked myself or experiences I went through. There is something in this book that not only young women can connect with, but learn from. You will find yourself amazed with Groth’s experiences.

I highly recommend this book as an example of what one strong woman was able to accomplish. It will also, without you even realize it, make you reflect on your own life. I loved that this was the first book I read in 2014 because it allowed me to look into all the possibilities I have for myself.

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Review by Susan Fiorentino

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