My Life on Mondays

My alarm was set for 7:40, but I was up by 7:00. I scrambled two egg whites and poured myself a glass of orange juice at 7:30. I was too nervous to eat the egg whites at 7:45 and threw them away at 7:50. At 7:55, I drank the juice and began to stare at the clock. Four minutes left…three minutes left…whoa, two minutes left. _This was for real._ *In two minutes I was going to pick up the phone and call my good friend, Lauren Weisberger, author of _The Devil Wears Prada_*, aka, book that held my attention the entire length of a five-hour flight, which few books besides Harry Potter can do. _I even skipped the movie._

Of course, she isn’t _really_ my good friend. That’s just how her publicist made me feel. “Sure Stacy, you can call her at home, I’ll give you her number.” “Oh thanks, I’ll just program that into my cell.” _Yeah right_.

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