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_*For most, Monday mornings usually begin a new work cycle. But for this unemployed (unless-you-count-working-at-banana-republic-a-career) recent college grad, Monday mornings usually signal the start of a fresh week of self-loathing. Log on each Monday for a witty (read self indulgent) and adventurous (read criminally boring) slice of life from University Chic’s Executive Editor, Stacy Hinojosa, an optimistic, job-hunting baccalaureate._

These Boots Are Made for Inducing Credit Card Debt

Well, Fall is here and I think I am coming down with a cold. I have been working hard at Banana Republic, putting in extra hours and spending most of my paycheck on a pair of black leather boots with tassles. I was lucky enough to find one of the few remaining pairs at the store and quickly _(too quickly)_ charged it on my new Banana Republic credit card. _By the way,_ check out the new “silver tafetta dress”://,175154&clink=175154 that I’m buying as soon as it comes in.

*While using my employee discount has been on my mind a lot lately,* I still find time to check out what’s new on UniversityChic. In fact, I think I am going to take another glance at “Allison’s tips”:// on eliminating credit card debt. Honestly, I love reading articles from my fellow UChic writers because in a way, they are the experts. _Seriously._ Like Makeup Artist, Kim Weinstein, an actual beauty expert. Check out “Kim’s list”:// of Fall makeup trends. Who knew dark lips were big this season? It’s true, I look to the UChic correspondents for their first-hand experiences and expertise on interviewing and dating the way I’m sure they look to me for expert advice on frivolous spending habits and how to land that awesome job at the mall.

*Why, here’s another example,* after reading the latest Q&A: Career and Intern Corner, I took “Tamara’s advice”:// and followed up on some of my internship and job leads and actually set up an interview with my dream company! I can’t wait. I guess I’ll cancel those Banana Republic business cards. Also, I researched some internship positions for next spring. To my surprise, everything I wanted was already posted! I’ve decided I’m going to apply tomorrow based on that whole early bird and worm theory.

*stacy hinojosa graduated in August from Brigham Young University with a degree in journalism and is currently pursuing a career in magazine journalism and design. She has the day off from Banana, so she’s making herself some hot soup. She’ll probably go back to bed and snuggle up to her new tassle boots. You can email her at

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