My Life on Mondays: Happy Halloween!

*This one will be short but sweet folks*. This morning I worked a 6:30 am shift…yep, I’m punching the clock. Remember when my Monday blog was usually about how sad and unfulfilling it was to not have a job? _What was I thinking??_ Not having a job was great. No responsiblity, no commitment, no money…waitaminute. But really, I rarely had to set my alarm clock and there was always enough time to watch all my soaps _(kidding…unless Dawson’s Creek counts as a soap)_. Anyway, to be honest, I’m glad I’m back at work actually. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just temporary and I need to keep looking for a job where I actually use my degree. _Trust me_, the employee discount keeps me wondering if I should just give in and print up business cards that read Stacy Hinojosa: Permanent Banana Republic Sales Associate & Always Fantastic Dresser.

*In the spirit of Halloween,* want to hear a really scary story? Last night, I made the disturbing realization that I’d munched my way through an entire bag of fun size Butterfinger bars. *_Spoooooky_.* Anyway, I’m discovering that moving back in with your parents doesn’t really generate a happening social life. So tonight I’m going to sit at the front door and pass out candy _(kit-kats, snickers…no butterfingers)_ I haven’t decided if I’ll dress up or not. I don’t really have a costume already in mind. *In fact, I am pretty unorignial when it comes to Halloween costumes.* Growing up I was a witch _(like that’s never been done)_, a clown, a dog on Halloween ’91 and a pink unicorn for Halloween ’89, ’90 and ’92. In my pre-teen years I was all the usual stuff, a gypsy and a poodle-skirt-wearing 50’s girl in ’98. In high school I was a cowgirl and a 50’s girl again. In college I was Harry Potter on Halloween ’01 _(yeah, that’s right, I said Harry Potter, whatcha gonna do about it?)_ Then I was a cowgirl again, a pirate and…well, I don’t think I had a costume last year. And I really don’t think I’ll have one again this year. Unless I pull a repeat of Halloween ’96 and dress up as a trash bag and put a rotten banana peel in my hair… *now that was a good year.*

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