My Life On Mondays: Job Hunting 201 (But I’m No Expert…)

*I’ve figured out the key to successful job hunting…find a way to not have a job at all.* Hear me out on this one. Unless you are one of those people who only needs about 4 hours of sleep, _(p.s. I hate you if you are)_, it is very hard to balance a temporary job with job hunting, _(and forget about trying to mix in a social life or any kind of work out routine or hobby.)_ Really, the best way to get a good job is to have no job at all. *At first, this line of thinking can really backfire.* You start thinking, _Who needs a job anyway?_, while you are rolling out of bed every day at 11 and crawling onto the sofa to watch Tivo-ed episodes of Girlfriends and Days of Our Lives. But sooner or later, the guilt will kick in…..and when it does….Watch out world!

So you start looking for opportunities. Maybe you create a professional online profile for yourself, or tinker around with your resume. *The point is, you start to notice how you’re wasting your time, talent and life*. So you’re more motivatd to get out there and show people the valuable skills that you have. *You feel the need to prove to people that you can do so much more besides converse with ease about the latest cast off from America’s Next Top Model.*

Now if you’re not in a position to temporarily live with out too many expenses for a while _(a.k.a. swallow your pride and move back with your parents)_, then I suggest working the bare minimum at your temporary gig or trying to work hard for a while and then take a week off. That’s what I’ve done right now, *I’ve taken a week off, determined to flood companies with my resume*, seize every networking opportunity and get on top of all my personal buisness so I’m ready for whatever comes my way. *And I’ll make sure to report back to let you know if this little theory of mine actually works……right after I watch Girlfriends.*

*My Life on Mondays* is written by Stacy Hinojosa, a recent college gra…..a loser. An absolute nothing. A pathetic excuse for an Executive Editor and a lousy writer….sob…sniff….sob….

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