My Life On Mondays: Technology doesn't solve the problem

So I bought a 2G flashdrive from Staples to transfer everything from my old computer to my new iBook. There’s really only three things that need moving…my photos, my music and my documents. However, there are thousands of photos, hundreds of songs, and documents from three years of high school and four years of college. *This may take a while.*

At first, I thought… _no problem, the 2G will take care of everything…three or four or five transfers and I’m done._ Well, it isn’t really going that way. There’s duplicate songs, word files change fonts going from windows to mac, and I’m so paranoid about losing a photo forever that I have to double and triple check every folder. Ultimately, I want my new computer organized to perfection. So it’s my own built up clutter and lack of past organization keeping me from finishing this project in less than 20 hours. Did I mention I’m still trying to figure out how Finder works?

*So my new computer is organized beyond belief*, but I have the same clutter and lack of organization when it comes to my job/internship search. If I see a posting, I have to scramble to update my resume and write a coverletter, find an envelope, locate a stamp, etc. It’s like I’m not ready to be an efficient job hunter because I don’t think I’m ready to have a legitimate job. I keep waiting for the right time, when I’m caught up with everything that needs catching up instead of realizing that I’m never going to catch up and I’m not supposed to. _(However, I would probably be a lot more caught up if I rolled out of bed earlier than ten)_.

Anyway…that’s my life on today, Monday, March 13th. Now if you’ll excuse me…I gotta go clean my room, take a shower, pick up the dry cleaning and go to Cole Haan.


*stacy hinojosa* is the executive editor of University Chic and has a degree in journalism from Brigham Young University. She’s currently pursuing a career in magazines…that is, when she’s not cleaning her room, picking up the dry cleaning, showering, or eyeing a new bag in the G Series at Cole Haan.

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