My Life on Mondays….oh yeah, yesterday was Monday

*What did you get for Christmas?* That’s what I’d always call and ask my best friend at about 10:00 on Christmas morning. So I thought I’d ask all of you. Me? Well, Remember when I blogged a few weeks ago about changing from Windows to a Mac. Well, I did it. I got myself an ibook for Christmas….well, my parents helped a little….well, mostly. Let’s call it a Christmas/Graduation/and your next two birthdays kind of present…plus I kick in $400 big ones. And let me tell you, I had sticker shock. Add up the cost of the ibook, a printer (since I get a rebate when I buy a computer), the Microsoft Office package, (with a similar rebate), the two-year insurance plan that you just “have to” get, 98 big ones for shipping and handling, well, all visions of iPods that were dancing in my head left immediately. Anyway, still haven’t got it yet, which did make for a rather uneventful Christmas morning under the tree, but I’m really excited to start using my Macintosh.

What I’m most excited for _(and you can be the judge of whether this is extremely sad or not,)_ is the ability I will have to use widgets. *Widgets are very cool gadgets that you can dowload to your Mac desktop.* There are useful things like a calendar, a clock, a weather watcher, calculator, music player, and here’s also a post-it note. That’s right, a digital post-it note that you can type on and stick to any part of your computer screen. One simple click and they disappear from view. Now, I feel like I should explain a little, my whole college life has been a collection of post-it notes. Randomly stuck on the shelf above my telephone with numbers, passwords, assignments, names, to-do lists, reminders to myself, and most lately, with ideas for UChic articles _(I even got into a fight with a friend sophomore year regarding a post-it note she stole from my computer)_. Sometimes I’d put them on a bulletin board, othertimes, I’d tape them to my ceiling so I saw them when I woke up. I’d stick them on the outside edges of my laptop, where they were sure to fall off several times, plus the fact that I could never shut my laptop. Anyway, these widgets are a dream come true. Seriously. Sadly.


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