MySpace: The New MTV?

MySpace has become the ultimate marketing tool for aspiring musicians on a budget. Each day I am bombarded by different bands and musicians requesting to be my friend as well as asking me to check out their songs and give feedback.

MySpace hosts hundreds and hundreds of bands in various genres, from alternative to screamo (some sort of variation of emo). Bands that would normally have limited city-wide or state-wide fame can now gain nationwide fame without having to be signed by a major record label. This is all because MySpace gives them free resources to publish and market their music. And with thousands millions of people joining MySpace each day, these bands can reach more potential fans than they would have been able to before.

Here are a few bands/musicians worth checking out:

Purple Popcorn (Hip Hop/Alternative/Rock)

 The members of this band, DJ Blackout, Stylez, and Bizzy are responsible for MIMS hit single “This is Why I’m Hot.” You may have heard the remix of that single featuring MIMS “This is Why I Rock” played on Microsoft’s Zune commercial. They are a band definitely worth keeping an eye on. They rock. They create crazy beats. And they’re hella cool!

Favorite track: “True Story” — a fusion of awesome beats, slamming rhythm, and great lyrics.

B. Klassick (Hip Hop/Blues/Soul)

 If you’re into old school music, South Philly’s B. Klassick flawlessly fuses classic Soul with Hip Hop.

Favorite track:

“Devilish Blue Dress” — a perfect example of the flawless fusion I was talking about.

Jupiter Rising (Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Pop)

 I actually discovered this band from one of my friend’s profiles. The California duo has great beats and a great sound. If you like Timbaland’s music, I’m sure you’ll like this band.

Favorite track:

“Electropop” — Great dance tune! And when I can’t find a good song to add to my MySpace profile, I always go back to this song.

Quietdrive (Rock/Alternative/Pop)

 This a great band with great style. Reminds a little of Coldplay but that could be my imagination.

Favorite track:

“Time After Time” — I love their remake of Cyndi Lauper’s classic hit.

Madison (Rock/Rap/Metal)

 This girl ROCKS!!! Enough said.

Favorite track:

“Perfect Not” featuring Tony.

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