New “Glee” Tour; Mini Musical, Lots of Vocal Adrenlin

We’ve finally come to accept that we’re hardcore Gleeks. After all, it didn’t take much motivation to send us running to Borders on Wednesday to pick up the Madonnarific album based on last week’s episode. So just when we thought we could take a break from all the Rachel/Finn drama, comes word that the upcoming Glee tour is not only going to be off-the-hook, but stolen straight from the show!

According to, show creator, Ryan Murphy has revealed that the cast will be singing about 15-18 songs during their mini tour, and instead of it just being stuff from their various albums, it will actually be a live stage act in which New Directions goes head-to-head against their sworn enemy — the dreaded Vocal Adrenaline.

Murphy, who is also directing and producing the tour, has confirmed that he’s hired Lady Gaga‘s set designer to do all the staging.

“It’s a huge stage. We’ve got multimedia. It’s really big. Fox believes in it so much that they’ve hired the best people. It’s not about going out and selling out a lot of dates and making a lot of money. In fact, we won’t make any money with this first tour because we’ve put so much money into the set design. It’s really just a great thank you to our fans.”

Wow. The only thing better than this is if Kurt was in charge of costuming!


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