New Law Could Erase Student Loan Debt

college_spending_0Are you freaking out about all the student loans you’re going to have to pay back when you graduate? Well a little-known law is in the process of being passed that could help you out if you find yourself unemployed and unable to make your payments. HR 5043 (a.k.a. the Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Fairness Act) is currently being reviewed by Congress right now. The bill is geared to help students and young professionals ease the financial burden if you’re forced to file for bankruptcy.

Currently, student loans are treated a lot like child support payments and tax liens — if you can’t pay it, too bad. Meanwhile, things like home mortgages, car loans, and medical bills are given the greenlight to be reduced down in the event if you’re forced to file for bankruptcy. But many in Congress feel that’s not fair since only 40% of student loan payments are currently being paid back, the interest rate for private loans is constantly changing, AND in some cases, the weight of these college loans is forcing entire families into poverty.

While this could certainly help out the millions of unemployed individuals out there who can’t find work and are sinking further and further into financial debt, it should be noted that while Congress wants to help PRIVATE school loan holders, FEDERAL school loans will be exempt from this bill — meaning if you find yourself in trouble and carry a federal loan, Uncle Sam still expects you to pay it back. (Bummer.)

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