#1000Dreams NEW PERK – $1,000,000


Every young woman should have the opportunity to pursue her dreams.

But did you know  67% of young women worry their student loan debt will prohibit them from reaching their professional dreams?

The truth is that with rising education costs and the financial climate, 95% of young women lack access to funding.

As a for-profit company, UChic has a long-term commitment to funding the dreams of women nationwide through each new product release.

For the past few weeks, since September 22, we have been raising funds through our Indiegogo Campaign. We launched our very first product – the “Gracie” computer case. With 25 days left, our campaign is 52% funded and we are on our way to fulfill our goals of funding the dreams of more than 10 young women.

The perks of our Indiegogo campaign include stickers, t-shirts, computer cases, a Live Your Dream Trip, but now as of today it also includes a new perk.

At $1,000,000 – you’ll be funding our company’s commitment to backing scholarships for 1,000 deserving young women nationwide at $1,000 each. Also! Our next dream-funding product will be named in honor of a young woman who inspires you!

We can’t do this without you. Please help us reach our audacious goal to fulfill the dreams of young women in the U.S. by supporting our #1000Dreams campaign on Indiegogo today!

Don’t worry! If you don’t have $1,000,000, remember, it only takes $5 to be considered a backer or supporter. Your $5 can help us IN A BIG WAY. Skip your latte today and help support scholarships for young women. $5 can make #1000Dreams come true!

Support a dreamer today!



Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!