New Sex and the City Book Revealed!

Most girls we know either think they are or just straight up want to be Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw. After all, she’s the every girl; funny, smart, dresses cool, has great friends, and pretty much deals with the same amount of relationship drama as everyone else. But does she have some really awkward teenage years she’s rather the world not know about?

According to SATC author Candance Bushnell, the answer is a big fat YES. Grab your Manolos, and hold on tight, because come April 2010 the world will meet a new heroine – one that’s about twenty years younger and just starting to learn about love and how writing about it will someday be her big claim to fame.

According to People, The Carrie Diaries will expose “the budding fashionista’s early relationships and how she began her career as a writer.” As the publisher HarperCollins goes on to explain, the book will explore Carrie’s first true love, while the cover art directly references something that happens between her and her mom.

While we’re usually fans of YA books here at U CHic, it remains to be seen of Bushnell can really write in a voice that resonates beyond that of a 30-something single New Yorker with enough expendable income to afford her own walk-in closet. Our fingers are crossed, though. After all, there’s a reason so many women identify with Carrie: She’s the person we all wish we could be, but not so far removed from the person we truly are.

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