New Shoes, Please!

I love shoes.

I know that every girl has some sort of obsession with pretty heels or edgy boots. It’s in our genetics or something. But, like most college students, I have to stick to a budget.

So I’m always browsing the web for good deals or sales on shoes. And is a great website to find those kinds of deals. Right now they’re having a fall sale, which means up to 40% off on their shoes! Thats 4-0!

The website is easy to navigate and catered to those who just really want to find that specific shoe. You can browse their collections, or simply click on one of their styles to narrow your search. (There’s even a “help” phone number you can call-they’re making this really easy for us).

I always click on “pumps” first, whichever website I’m on, and while doesn’t have a vast number of different choices, all the shoes are their own design. And their pumps are really really cute. I immediately wanted a pair of their “Queen” heel.

The website is owned by husband and wife Daniel and Barbara Schwartz, who have been in the shoe business for a very long time. So they know what they’re doing.

And if the 40% off wasn’t enough to lure you to their website, you can enter to win a pair of their Hildy boot!

Here’s the link: Win this shoe!

Good luck!

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