Latest Health Report Says Sleeping Beauty Isn’t Just a Fairytale

Do you pride yourself on the fact that you've managed to survive on four hours of sleep a night all semester? Cramming may come in handy, but not when it directly impacts your good looks. According to a recent study by researchers in Sweden, people who don't get enough sleep are deemed unnattractive by the opposite sex.

Researchers had one group of subjects sleep for eight hours and kept a another one up for 31 and then presented their pictures to a third group to rate on attractiveness. Overwhelmingly those that got enough sleep ranked higher than those that did not.

This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but the fact remains you staying up all night to hit the books MAY mean you won't be hittin' anything else in the short term until you rest, recoup, and recharge that pretty face of yours.

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