Are Girls More Trustworthy Than Guys?

Are men more likely to lie than women? Are women better liars than men?  In a new study published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, researchers discovered that while women don't necessarily lie any less than men, they are more convincing and tend to fib about  insignificant things like they're friends looking fat in a dress, or a meal being good when it actually sucks.

The study also showed that men tend to lie more about things involving themselves (skills, achievements, etc.), and that speech patterns such as nervous chatter and long pauses made people suspcious about the truthfulness of the statements they were hearing from both men AND women.

So what can we take away from this? As a woman, if you're going to lie about something, chances are people will believe you the more outrageous it is. And if you're a man…well, you better not stutter and look sketchy when delivering some ridiculous line to some girl, otherwise you might just end up spending another night alone on the couch.

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