New “Sweet Valley High” Book Carries “R” Rating

Remember the days when Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's biggest drama was fighting over who got to use their Fiat Spider and which one was going to be Homecoming queen? Well, the twins from everyone's favorite Sweet Valley High series are back, but this time around they're all grown up and dealing with jobs, divorce, and personal estrangement.

Set a decade after their high school graduation, Sweet Valley Confidential finds Elizabeth living and working as a writer in NYC (following  a bitter break-up), while Jessica is still back in Sweet Valley attempting to pick up the pieces after a bad divorce while dealing with the fact that her sister totally hates her guts and refuses to speak to her (we're just guessing here, but one has to assume Jessica's ex-hubby might just be Elizabeth's first love/long-time high school steady, Todd Wilkins).

With pop culture details aplenty, namechecks to Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, and naughty references to the word "orgasm" twice in one chapter, rest assured this definitely ain't the pre-teen series you used to know and love.

Sweet Valley Confidential is set to hit bookstores March 29, 2011.

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