The Party’s Over for Northwestern Students

Looking for a good time? Pass up any parties you may have heard about at Northwestern University. According to Gawker, Evanston, Illinois (the homebase for the university) is cracking down on all the students' outrageous antics by enforcing an old brothel law on the books that states it's against the law for more than three unrelated people to live together.

Now the school is urging undergrads to stick to campus housing or move out of city limits if they want to live together, but that sounds a bit like a scam to force students to either pay through the nose for a place near school or get out of Evanston. Sure, lame frat and sorority parties are annoying just on principle, but are we the only ones that recognize that many college towns (think Ann Arbor or Syracuse) have an economy BASED around said students using their stores, shops, and facilities to generate income that benefits the whole community?

If you want to curb hard-partying, just impose stricter criminal fines. After all, if you're going to cut off your nose despite your face, you might want to start with denying students housing based on personal income base (i.e. if you need mom and dad to cosign a lease for you then it's a no-go), rather than a sexist edict that should have been wiped off the books years and years ago.

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