Ole Miss Students Rally for “Return of the Jedi” Mascot

Ok, remember when we told you about the zombie disaster plan the University of Florida found on its servers? Well this is way better, and actually has some potential.

After years and years of criticism, the University of Mississippi is finally considering retiring their old mascot due to the fact that it’s totally outdated and racist. (Having a white plantation owner as the face of your sports teams doesn’t exactly inspire diversity, after all.) The school decided to leave it up to the students to decide whether Colonel Reb got the boot, and when the votes were finally tallied, over 94% of them wanted to keep the old guy.

…and then the rebel alliance reared its ugly head.

A Facebook group has formed touting Return of the Jedi‘s Admiral Ackbar (you know, the lobster-looking dude in the white turtleneck?) as a potential write-in candidate. With almost 1,400 fans to date, and tons of buzz on the internet, there’s a pretty good chance the school might need to “turn to the dark side” if they want to slow down this intergalatic campaign…


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