OMG of the Day: Accused of Rape…on Facebook

Imagine walking around campus having multitudes of people stare at you like you just ran over a childhood pet.

That's what Morgan Shaw-Fox from Lewis & Clark College had to endure. In short, a girl at his school accused him of raping her, and several female students made a Facebook group online slandering his name. It wasn't until many other students joined the group that university officials were notified of the accusation. Only then did the victim file a rape charge against Shaw-Fox.

Unfortunately the girls who started the Facebook group didn't intend for the word to get out and were only planning on inviting close friends to join. However, the news feed on Facebook tells everyone what your status is, who broke up or got together, who put new pictures up, and in this case, what groups you've just joined. So word of this group spread like wildfire, and now the girl who is accusing Shaw-Fox of rape is afraid of being sued for libel. (To read more about the case, go here.)

Whether or not Shaw-Fox truly raped that girl is still being debated, but his reputation, especially on campus, is ruined forever.

If you had been accused of something you didn't do, wouldn't you be incensed? Especially if it stayed on the internet forever?

It's rather unfortunate that a great social networking tool is being used for potentially wrong reasons. What would you do in this situation?

Picture courtesy of Lewis & Clark College

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