OMG of the Day: Avril Lavigne to Debut Clothing Line

Avril’s new clothing line, Abbey Dawn, is set to show up at Kohl’s. The line is targeted toward juniors.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m not the biggest fan of Avril (and even less a fan of her music), but I do like how she’s cleaned up in the past year. She’s been looking more classy than ever as a newlywed. But Avril’s known for the stereotypical skater/punk look, and I don’t see many college students rocking that style.

If anyone’s looked through the Kohl’s juniors section, there’s some relatively decent choices in there, even for college students. Lots of basics, some cute formal dresses, a few nice going out/party tops. I’m not so sure how Avril’s line will fit in there.

Am I wrong in thinking the skater trend already ended (for the most part)? If so, how will plaid, pleated mini skirts, tube socks, arm warmers, and wife beaters fit in? I feel like this is just going to look cheap. Hopefully, she’ll incorporate more of her current style into it and make it more sophisticated but edgy.

Any thoughts?

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