OMG of the Day: Boat Shoes Show Up for Rainy Days on Campus

I know some of us, me included, have been wearing boat shoes all our lives, but it seems that recently more people on campus have been picking up the trend.

This traditionally preppy staple is perfect for long walks across campus in the rain. Flip flops are too slippery when the bed of the foot gets wet, and on the days it’s only forecasted to rain, no one wants to clonk around in cute, but heavy rain boots just in case the sun decides to shine all day.

Boat shoes seem to be the perfect merging of the heavy and the casual, because they’re lightweight, you can go sock-less, and you can walk through puddles without worrying about ruining the shoe leather. They come in a variety of neutral, bright, and pastel colours, and they’re a perfect, classic staple.

Great places to find them include Sperry Top-Sider and L.L. Bean, among most department stores.

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