OMG of the Day: Buy One of a Kind

I know it’s not the best feeling when you see ten other girls on campus wearing that great new shirt you just bought. Or that dress you bought in a different city for formal that you just KNOW no one else will have…and then you see one other girl wearing it the same night.

What to do about this? Buy one of a kind. has a ton of really cute handmade stuff that are completely unique.

Each seller has their own “store” where they showcase their items. You can be a seller if you’d like, but really, I personally just use it for buying. There’s a ton of great jewelry on there, and the handbags are bomb.

But, what I like the most about Etsy is the search feature. You can search by color, gift guides, what just went on sale, birthdays, location, and many other interesting ways.

So whenever I get sick of my usual online shopping haunts (J.Crew, Anthropologie, GoJane, etc.) I look to Etsy, because I always see something unique that I want.

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