OMG of the Day: Can’t Celebrities Hire Sober Drivers?

Something I simply do not understand is why celebrities are constantly involved in driving, specifically drunk driving, accidents.

According to, a certain Mr. Orlando Bloom is the latest in a slew of celebrities that have been drinking and driving. Apparently, he hit a parked car (the Porsche Cayenne pictured to the left) with his black hatchback.

Yes, I understand celebrities are just like normal, everyday American citizens, that is, they are allowed to screw up with DUI’s and car accidents. While I feel bad for the amount of unwarranted attention they receive, celebrities (can we recall Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton right now?) seem to have no great excuse for driving drunk.

They have drivers – or at least can hire someone to drive them around town – but they don’t use them. Why be irresponsible and get behind the wheel of your car? Even most college students know better than that!

Advice: No matter if you’re rich and famous or not, use a sober driver. Celebrities have no excuse to not hire a driver simply because they can afford it.

Picture courtesy of Perez Hilton.

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