OMG of the Day: Facebook to Become a Marketing Tool?

Would you want your personal information on Facebook to be used in marketing strategies?

Microsoft is planning on buying a 1.6% stake in everyone’s favorite online procrastination activity. It might seem like a small percentage, but that almost 2% is worth $240 million.

Because advertisers are looking for new avenues to attract customers, Facebook seems like the perfect tool to reach the youth of America. All these advertisers, however, have to know who their consumers are, and that’s where Facebook comes in.

With this investment from Microsoft, the company can use our personal information – favorite movies, choice in music, even the applications people use the most – to determine what people our age like to see in products and what kind of existing products attract us the most.

But isn’t this a scary breach of information? What do you think about Facebook using our personal information to promote consumerism and capitalism?

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