OMG of the Day: Facebook Page Celebrates Public Drunkenness

Do you take pride in getting wasted? You know, the kind of drunkenness that leads to passing out in public, vomiting into bushes, or ending up getting taken to the hospital?

Well, the 150,000 members of "30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night" do. The page lists 30 reasons "you might want to call it a night," which include:

-"You find yourself peeing behind random buildings."

-"Your make-up is smeared all over your face and somehow you have still managed to make out with 5 different guys. very classy."

-"You start singing 80's songs at the top of your lungs and showing off your dance skills to the car next to you."

-"Your slurring your words so bad, that nobody can understand what your saying and then when they say what, you can't even remember what you were talking about."

Some of the members have even posted photos of themselves in a drunken stupor, until the creator of the page had to go on a morning talk show, and as one wall poster put it, deleted the pics because she "cracked under the pressure."

But not before a U.K. newspaper took the pictures off the page's photo album and printed them in a newspaper article about women and their drinking habits! According to's Broadsheet, a Facebook member recognized herself in one of the photos–she was shown passed out in a bathtub, her miniskirt pulled up to reveal her underwear–and posted to the group's message board, "haha … never expected to be in a UK newspaper when i posted pics here." (Once again, a reminder to never EVER posts any even slightly incriminating pictures on Facebook.)

Members of the group insist the page is just for fun, but media outlets are insisting it's an example of how young women's drinking habits are growing increasingly out of control. What do you think? Is this Facebook page harmless fun, or an indication of something more troubling?

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