OMG of the Day: A Forum for Slander for College Students?

What if someone wrote nasty things about you or something you had done and let everyone with internet access see it? allows any user to post anonymously, so anyone can say whatever they want. Some people are concerned with having, for example, a future boss Google their name and have this website come up.

The website is free, so anyone can join. People post rumors or false information, causing many college students to be concerned about their image. Many college campuses such as Cornell University in New York and Pepperdine in California are moving to encourage their students to not use JuicyCampus. The argument is, if no one uses it, the site will eventually die.

Would you be okay with this website? Would you be angry if someone posted gossip about you, whether or not it was true? Or would you shake it off and say it’s just a website? Let’s hear it!

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