OMG of the Day: Maury Episode Becomes Cult Favorite

This episode of the popular Maury talk show has people talking! Fifteen-year-old Victoria is set on getting pregnant, having unprotected sex with a multitude of guys over 300 times. It’s not the shock value that attracts so many viewers, but the realization that there are people like her out in the United States is perhaps what has drawn such a following. Her plan, to go on Girls Gone Wild and prostitute herself in order to support her child, seems foolproof to the 15-year-old, however, her mother wants an intervention.

Just like “My New Haircut” or “Charlie the Unicorn” or other popular YouTube videos, this one has reached viewers all over the country. There are even groups created on Facebook that you can join if you can appreciate the comic value. One global Facebook group called “I DON’ CARE WHAT MY MOMMA SAYS, I’M GONNA HAVE A BABY!” boasts 1,724 members as of posting date with an active message board and posting wall.

What is it that makes these videos so popular? But maybe more interesting is wondering who even bothers to make them?

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