OMG of the Day: Moleskine Fever on Campus

It’s finals week on campus, and all over, people are burying their noses in their books. People are frantically buying blue books for their exams at the bookstore. Everyone’s pulling out their planners to see how they should schedule their studying time.

In the midst of all the planner note taking, I noticed a lot of people, including myself, are carrying around Moleskine planners and notebooks. Moleskines, the simple black notebooks, are all the rage around campus. Our bookstore even has a display just for them, which didn’t arrive until this year.

They’re a little more expensive than the typical planner or notebook, but the smooth pages are well worth it. The simplicity of the black cover is probably my favorite. I’m not one for color or cartoons, per se.

The covers aren’t actual mole skin, no worries there.

I’ve heard there’s other college campuses out there who have prolific Moleskine displays in their bookstores. Has anyone else seen the trend?

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