OMG of the Day: Nicole Richie Clearly Pregnant

Nicole Richie’s baby bump is starting to show! It’s nice to see boyfriend Joel Madden investing some time with his future child, but are they really ready for a new life? Nicole has already served her menial time in jail, but somehow, I don’t think she’s ready to be responsible for a life other than her own.

The media is constantly criticizing her weight (which does seem rather low for a woman about to give birth) which certainly can’t help her during this time of increased responsibility. Joel Madden didn’t seem ready to settle down either, having broken up with longtime girlfriend Hilary Duff only seven months ago. Also, Nicole’s past drug use doesn’t put her as a good candidate to become a mother.

It’s not that I dislike Nicole, it’s that I’m not sure about her choices and if her child will be brought up in an optimum environment. If she gains some weight, stops abusing drugs and alcohol, and takes responsibility for her coming child, everything might just work out okay.

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