OMG of the Day: Not That We Thought The Hills Was Real…

Much news has come out lately that the L.A. based “reality” TV series The Hills is completely scripted and fake. I’m sure this doesn’t surprise many of us, but I never realized to what extent the show was fabricated.

In this VH1’s Best Week Ever article, Gavin, the love interest of the show’s star Lauren Conrad, spills about his experience on The Hills.

What was most interesting was that the Malibu beach house that is supposedly Brody Jenner’s is rented, and that Audrina and Heidi both are unemployed in real life. I was under the impression that a good portion of the show was unscripted with a few fabricated parts or a rearranging of events/scenes to dramatize situations, but it seems that the entirety of the show is completely false.

Regardless, I’ll still keep watching the show because I like seeing what new outfits the girls wear. Mindless? Perhaps, but it’s still a decent way to pass the time.

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