OMG of the Day: Robert Redford to Wed!

I know Robert Redford really wasn’t from our time. More like from our parents’ generation. But we all know who he is, and we’ve definitely seen All the President’s Men or The Horse Whisperer one too many times. He was attractive when he was younger, and certainly still quite attractive as an older man.

So what’s the big news?

Redford’s getting married! He’s 71 and this will only have been his second marriage. His fiance, Sibylle Szaggars, is 19 years younger than him, but the German artist and Redford have been dating since 1996.

So calculate that…that’s 12 years more or less. Who in Hollywood stays together for 12 years? Next to no one, that’s who.

Redford even kept his previous divorce a secret for 10 years. That’s guarding your personal life for sure.
Other celebrities…pay attention! Redford might be an old timer, but clearly he’s doing everything right.

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