OMG of the Day: Scrabulous is Fabulous

Ever heard of Scrabulous? If you’re on my campus, you definitely have.

It’s essentially Scrabble. That’s all it is. But it’s an application on Facebook. You can challenge your friends to a match, or you can find a random Facebook user online to play with you. There’s even a practice mode where you can play against the computer or by yourself.

I’m not one for tons of applications all over my Facebook, but I love Scrabulous. Maybe I’m a nerd, but I like word games because they’re more challenging and might expand your vocabulary at the same time.

Every time I get online, I check Facebook so I can see if it’s my turn to move on Scrabulous. Many of my friends (especially guys!) are addicted. Seriously, it’s fun. You should get in on it!

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