OMG of the Day: Super Bowl Heartbreak

While I have always been a Patriots fan, this was the first year I actually followed the whole season and watched nearly every game. I couldn’t have picked a better season to follow football.

For the New England Patriots, it was a perfect season going into the playoffs. With three Super Bowl wins behind this team, a win seemed inevitable and fully deserved.

Going to school in New York, I am surrounded by Giants fans. I only saw two Giants games all season and I didn’t follow their stats, but it seemed to be somewhat of a mediocre season. The Giants made it to the playoffs as a wild card pick.

Once the playoff games begin, I began to wonder what team would play the Patriots. It may sound a little cocky, but it was the first season I felt entitled to call myself a fan and I was so sure of a win. The Patriots had to win. Aside from having Tom Brady, we were making history and breaking records all season.

The Patriots were the first team to go undefeated during the regular season since the Miami Dolphins in 1972. Overall, the Patriots had the better stats and in my opinion the better quarterback. They had to win.

The Giants road to the playoffs was not as glorified, but once there, they really proved themselves. Once they beat the Dallas Cowboys, most people thought they would lose to the Green Bay Packers. But, as true underdogs, they made their way to the Super Bowl.

Ironically enough, the Patriots have a similar underdog story. In 2001, the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl as the wild card pick and defeated the Rams. Since then, they have been a hard team to stop.

For the Giants, last night’s game was a dream come true. With two minutes or so left in the game, they came back with a touchdown and took the lead.

For the Patriots, who can really say what happened. Maybe it was the pressure that comes with being perfect. But honestly, perfection isn’t everything and one game should not taint an entire season.

All around campus, I have been reminded of last night’s loss all day. But I now know what it feels like to be a true fan.

While the loss still stings for me, it’s only a game. And for me, it was the first time a game actually broke my heart.

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