OMG of the Day: Teen Celebrities Should Take Note

So, maybe I completely missed the boat, but when did Dakota Fanning become 14 and so mature looking?

I still remember the little kid who was ridiculously precocious and a wonderful actress. But I was looking at the most gossipy of all gossip sites, Perez Hilton, and I saw this picture and just did a double take. Whoa, she looks so old!

So Perez had a little poll up on this post that asked what people thought would happen to Dakota as she grew older. The choices included growing up normal, getting pregnant, getting arrested – that kind of thing.

And most people…3/4 of the people…said that she’d grow up normal.

Jamie Lynn, are you taking notes?

Dakota seems to be making some very good career decisions and has a good head on her shoulders. I pray she doesn’t fall into the Hollywood trap and marry early and get pregnant. One of her upcoming movies is The Secret Life of Bees, which, if I am correct, won some awards as a novel and should be a great movie.

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