OMG of the Day: Tent Dresses are Back on Campus

It’s pretty cold all over the country, and still, girls are going out in sleeveless tops and heels, sacrificing warmth and comfort for style at parties.

But what’s been showing up after hours is the tent dress. Trapeze dresses also fit under this category. Affably named after, well, a tent, these dresses don’t do anything for curves. They’re shapeless, and while they look great on the hanger, they don’t look as great on a person.

Fitted at the top around the shoulders, the dress simply flares down from the neck, giving the illusion that the person is wearing a luxury paper bag. The worst tent dresses look like a pillowcase with a hole cut out for the head as well as for the arms.

I’ve been seeing this all over campus at parties, and while some girls look okay wearing this style of dress, no one looks fabulous.

What do you think? Keep it or stay away?

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