OMG of the Day: Worst Halloween Costume Ever?

Now that it's October, you might be thinking about what you're going to be for Halloween. The options in costume stores are usually sexed up version of nurses, maids and witches outfits, complete with short skirts and fishnet stockings. It's not very imaginative, but like one of the Plastics in Mean Girl said, Halloween's the one time of year you can parade around in lingerie, add a devil's tail or bunny ears, and call it a costume.

Well, now is introducing a costume that seems to want to poke fun at our society's obsession with thinness.

Meet Sexy Anna Rexia. She's bone thin, and likes to accessorize with a choker and belt that resemble tape measurers. And, for some reason, a removable Anna Rexia heart badge.

It looks basically like a skeleton dress made out the same cheap fabric of most Halloween costumes, but there's something sort of disturbing and bizarre about selling an outfit based on an illness. What's next: Sexy Lung Cancer Girl, complete with black lungs tube top and fake yellow teeth?

What do you think: is the costume kinda funny or completely in bad taste, considering how many people suffer from eating disorders?

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