OMG of the Day: Would You Go See The Hills in Theaters?

According to Lauren Conrad, there might be a movie version of MTV’s television hit, The Hills, coming out sometime soon.

The rumor is that the plans are in the works, but the movie will be, essentially, a n incredibly long episode. The show, which already has little to no plot, simply features the life of these college age kids, trying to start romances where there’s no flame, or creating fights by taking something too seriously.

I don’t know about you girls, but movies are getting pretty expensive where I’m from. The matinee price is what we used to pay for a regular evening movie, and some places don’t offer their student price on weekends so they can cash in on more money. While I’m complaining that I have to shell out $9 to $10 for a movie these days, I know there’s places around the U.S. that are spending at least $12 for one show.

I know plenty of people watch The Hills as their guilty pleasure, but would you really spend $9 to $12 on an hour and a half movie that might turn into an even less exciting episode about LC, Audrina, Whitney, and Speidi?

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