One Button-Down Shirt–Four Ways to Wear It

For most college students, studying for tests, writing essays and paying monthly bills rank higher on the priority list than maintaining a stylish and updated wardrobe. That's why it's essential to purchase items that pair well with the pieces you currently own.

 I've chosen a basic item and put together pieces to make four different outfits. Pick and choose the aspects of each outfit that you like and incorporate it into your own personal style. Before you know it, you'll have a closet full of basics that mix-and-match wonderfully to create a chic, versatile look.

This week's item is a white button-down shirt from Target (pictured left). At first glance, it seems very simple—not to mention dreary and boring—but matched with the right items, it serves as the foundation for the perfect fall outfits.

Option 1: Professional and prim
Wide-leg pants are all the rage this fall. Coupled with the fitted button-down, the trousers are a magnificent way to continue building the professional wardrobe you'll need for success. Add a sweater vest, Mary-Jane pumps and a large tote and you're good-to-go.

Option 2: Casual and comfy
A v-neck sweater in an eye-catching fall color like malachite—a fancy word for a beautiful shade of green—looks divine with the pure white button-down. Slip into some skinny jeans; tuck them into some tough knee-high boots and you'll have a cool-without-trying look perfect for autumn afternoons. A scarf will add a soft finishing touch.

Option 3: Trendy and mod

A jumper dress thrown over the crisp button-down looks amazingly feminine and stylish. Tights in a contrasting color and a trapeze jacket add depth to an otherwise simple and subdued outfit. Finish it off with a peep-toe pump.

Option 4: Easygoing and uncomplicated
Finally, for the women that crave an unfussy look made up of simple basics, opt for wide-leg denim. Accessories with pops of color inject personality into overall outfit. Layer a fitted blazer over the button-down, cinch it together with a slim belt and add pumps in a bright color up the style barometer immediately.

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