‘Orange is the New Black’ Actress and Activist Farrah Krenek is New UChic Ambassador!

What does it mean to have a big dream and working towards it while in school? Can your dream be accomplished at a young age? Yes!

Young women have incredibly awe-inspiring dreams. But we know that young women need critical support during high school and college. That is why UChic is committed to empowering young women through life-changing information, advice and financial support through our 1,000 Dreams Fund.

Orange is the New Black actress, Farrah Kreneck

‘Orange is the New Black’ actress Farrah Krenek

Luckily we are not alone in this effort. Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress and activist Farrah Krenek. Farrah is a game-changer in the entertainment industry not only because of where she comes from but also her efforts to inspire all people to love themselves.

Inspired by her own experiences growing up when she was often mistaken for and teased as a boy, Farrah found the need for a voice at an early age. She has taken her love for acting and developed a strong voice for those who have had a hard time fitting in, especially LGBTQ and other teens facing bullying in school. By sharing her personal journey, Farrah hopes to help begin a candid conversation about the state of today’s girl.

“If I can touch the hearts of young women by sharing my story so they can see that they’re never alone, my day is complete. This is why I wanted to partner with UChic,” says Farrah. “I believe that genuine happiness and genuine success comes from sharing how I’ve overcome my own personal challenges and struggles to reach my professional dreams, which I’m still working towards today!”

As an ambassador for UChic and our State of the Girl series, Farrah will engage in speaking opportunities and media appearances and will lead social media conversations. We are thrilled to be working with Farrah. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our partnership with her in the days and weeks to come!

UChic wants to empower girls everywhere (including you!) to live their dreams. After all, the next dream we fund could be yours. Apply to have your dream funded or help someone else achieve their dreams by supporting UChic with a purchase today!

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