Traveling Tips: Pack/Prep for Back to School

luggage full and ready to travel


After your holiday break, it’s time to start the Spring semester and finish out the year! Having experienced four holiday breaks (Being a Senior is so upsetting!), I know a thing or two about packing for the new semester before you go back to school. So, how much is too much? What should you pack? I’ve got you covered.

My first tip—remember the things you brought home from school. Those articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories you’re probably going to want to take back with you! Pack those items first.

Next, prioritize items that you want to bring back! Here’s a list I came up with:

Electronics—Before leaving for break (I usually do this the night before) make sure you have all of your chargers and cases for your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. No one wants to buy an extra cord or wait to have it shipped up to them if you forget it…definitely not fun!

 Seasonal Apparel—If you’re in a colder climate, it’s great to have more than one sweater that you can rotate. Whether you’re at work or an internship or just feel like getting dressed up for class, it’s nice to have options in the cold weather months!

A few pairs of jeans-–It’s great to rotate out jeans too. Depending upon your wardrobe, I’d suggest bringing a black pair, a grey pair, and a denim pair to mix and match outfits. A nice pair of dress pants is always a great option for your school closet too.

Shirts—The number of dressy shirts/t-shirts you want to bring is entirely up to you; think about what you wear and how often, pick your faves and leave the rest at home.

Shoes—Another biggie. If you happen to bring your faves back from school, I’d pack those babies first along with your sweaters. You never know when you’re going to need heels for an interview this semester or a presentation, so if you didn’t bring them first bring them this time, just incase!

Gifts from the holidays—If there’s a favorite gift you received this holiday season, remember to take it back to school with you!

Laundry—We know that you definitely brought some laundry home!

And don’t forget to purchase toiletries, etc. that you need while you’re home—If you don’t have access to transportation at school, now is the time to stock up on toiletries, groceries or hair products!

Take your time packing. If you do a little each day, it will be less overwhelming when you’re getting everything ready to leave to go back up to school; you want to be able to relax and enjoy the rest of your time there.

Lastly, make sure you cherish every moment of being home! The next school break doesn’t usually happen for a little while, so make sure you get those extra hugs from your friends and family!

What are your favorite pack/prep tips? Share with me on Twitter @Ashhyen

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