Pajamas in Class Make a Bad Fashion Statement

I believe that every girl should be beautiful and feel beautiful, but I absolutely, positively HATE it when girls go to class in their pajamas! I mean, how much effort does it take to put on a pair of jeans? They don't even have to be clean! Just try to be pretty. You never know who you are going to run into. It could be your lucky day!

 On makeover shows they'll ask, "Why do you wear grey sweatpants in a XXL when you are a size 6? Where do you even find fuschia stirrup pants?" "When are spandex pants ever appropriate?" And the answers are always the same. "Oh, but it's so comfortable," or "I prefer comfort over fashion". Apparently, the same ideas apply to wearing pajamas in public.

Okay ladies, enough is enough. It sounds to me, like a lazy excuse. The only person allowed to wear pajamas in public is Hugh Hefner. There are plenty of ways to be comfortable and fashionable.

For example, jersey dresses or skirts made of sweatpant material. These pieces are cute and can be dressed up or down-I sometimes wear them to work and they are the epitome of comfort! You don't have to wear heels (even though you would look totally hot if you did), but at least find some cute, comfy flats.

I acknowledge that college is not a fashion show, but try to look like someone in pursuit of a higher education rather than someone who ended up in Biology as a result of sleepwalking.

When you take time to look nice, people will notice you and respect you, not to mention your confidence will be much higher. Plus, you won't have to explain the "funny story" behind your chili-pepper pj pants.

Like Coco Chanel said, you never know when you may have a date with destiny. Now I don't know about you, but when I meet destiny, I do not want to be wearing pajamas. So, wake up at least ten minutes before your class starts, and put on actual clothes!

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