Picking Your Holiday Playlist

After the rush of midterms, plummeting temperatures on the thermostat, endless essays and the cruel temptation of Thanksgiving Break, winter vacation is FINALLY on the horizon! Congratulations on making it through what I’m sure has been a crazy-hectic fall! You should reward yourself… as you’ve earned it of course. After relaxing in your bed at home with a mug of hot chocolate, and a few (OK more than a few) homemade cookies for a day or two, you’re probably going to want to visit some old friends from high school for a college-style good time.

Here is the perfect playlist to get the party going and give that former AP European History nerd the final push she needs to dance on a basement pooltable…

1.) Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus (You don’t have to be a closet fan of this song – I’ve definitely seen more than a few burly footballers rocking out to it at various campus functions.)

2.) Drop it Low by Ester Dean and Chris Brown (GREAT dance song!)

3). Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keyes (Two quality artists you know will only promote good stuff.)

4.) Body Language by Jesse McCartney featuring T-Pain (Who knew little Jesse would be collaborating with T-Pain back in his Dreamstreet days?)

5.) Bottoms Up by Keke Palmer (She may be young and very popular on the Disney Channel but trust me and give it a try.)

6.) Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake featuring Clipse (Arguably the best JT song out there.)

7.) Dimelo by Enrique Iglesias (You’re a college student now! Show off your worldliness by including this Spanish song.)

8.) Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (you don’t even need to necessarily listen to this song, just play the video during a party lull and people will be mesmerized.)

9.) Yeah by Usher featuring Lil’ Jon and Ludacris (Throwback!)

10.) Somebody to Love by Leighton Meester featuring Robin Thicke (an interesting pair; check it out for something a little different. It would definitely get play at an your next Gossip Girl/Upper East Side holiday soiré.)

11.) Whatever You Like by T.I. (A tried-and-true dance song! How many awesome nights out at school have featured this song? Many, I’m sure.)

12.) All I Want for Christimas is You by Mariah Carey (Because it is the holiday season, after all!)

13.) Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls (I’ve found that all girls generally love this song!)

14.) Mrs. Officer by Lil’ Wayne, Bobby Valentino and Kidd Kidd (Or sub for another Lil’ Wayne classic)

15.) I Love College by Asher Roth (…because it’s a given)

Enjoy the break and dance off all of your winter baked goods!

(All songs available at iTunes or YouTube.com.)


By Kylie Thompson, Harvard University

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