Plan a Date Recycling Party!

If you’re stumbling to find a date to your next sorority function, your next date could be closer than you thought. If you host a Date Recycling Party, you could potentially find a date without having to put in too much effort.

Apparently, according to the Chicago Tribune, this is “gaining traction” in popular culture. The idea has been featured in a “Sex and the City” episode when Charlotte hosts one.

This is how it works: tell each friend to invite boys that they maybe have dated and or hooked up with in the past to the party. Obviously, if your friends know and like this person, they are a much better candidate than any random guy you could meet at a bar or party.

This could potentially turn into an awkward situation, so here are some tips to make sure the party stays upbeat:

-Have party games.
Make sure to have something that people can bond and meet over. Having a beer pong tournament or a flip cup tournament call rally people together. Everyone likes having the camaraderie of teamwork! Also: don’t forget to bring cards for games like Circle of Death or Asshole.

-Serious ex-boyfriends are a no-go.
If one of your girlfriends still has feelings for this person, do not let them bring them to the party unless it is made obvious that they are together. The last thing you want is a brawl over a stupid guy to ruin your mixer atmosphere.

If you find someone you like at the party, but know that they used to be makeout buddies with a friend, make sure to OK it with her first. This way, you can know for sure that you’re not betraying her trust or making her upset.

So, start planning and hopefully it works out for the best!

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