Politically Savvy: Are you ready to vote?

This election will be, hands down, one that will be talked about for years, no matter what the outcome. Either way, it'll be historic. We could elect the first African-American president or the first female Vice President. Not only Americans but the whole world is waiting with baited breath for November 5, the day when we will know who the next leader of the United States of America is.

 With that said, you are ready to vote, aren't you? Have you read up on both the major candidates' policies and platforms? Have you read up on who your Congressional candidates are? Have you registered to vote? Have you turned in your absentee ballot if you're registered in another city, or considered early voting if you're expecting to be really busy on election day? If not, here's a collection of a few handy resources to make you the most politically savvy girls at the poll next week:

 With so much at stake this election, you can't afford not to make your voice not heard — this election's going to be one for the history books!

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