Politically Savvy: Argentina Elects First Female President

As America discusses and debates presidential candidates, Argentina has already taken a step in a new direction by electing first lady and Senator Cristina Ferdinand de Kirchner as their new president, making history for the Latin American nation typically dominated by men.

"A female president! Get used to it all of you! A female. I know that you are used to men [as leaders], but now you will have to get used to women, too," she said.

"She comes to power thanks to her husband's time in office, which saw a return to economic growth, higher employment, and a recovery of presidential authority," said Argentine political consultant Sergio Berensztein. "At the same time, her main problems are the things her husband did – or rather failed to do, such as controlling inflation, combating corruption, expanding energy sources, and fighting crime."

Kirchner joins Michele Bachelet of Chile as one of Latin America's sole female leaders, which is an exciting development for the country and the world to see more female leaders becoming elected. Interestingly enough, Kirchner has a lot in common with Hillary Clinton – both Senators, both first ladies. Now it remains to be seen whether America will elect a women president too!

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