Politically Savvy: Check Out CitizenJanePolitics.com

By now, primary season is in full swing. Super Tuesday is only a week away, a handful of key states have already been decided, and some candidates are already dropping out of the race. There's a ton going on, all the time, what with every party in every state having a different primary at a different time. While everyone is trying to keep up with the results, who can blame you if it gets a little confusing? With so much going on at once and so much information to absorb it's hard to keep up.

And to top it off, did you know women make up 55 percent of the electorate – meaning if every woman voted we could swing the election – yet women make up only 20 percent of the visitors to political websites?

Enter Citizen Jane Politics -"The Modern Girl's Guide to Picking the Leaders of the Free World" – a nonpartisan political website geared towards women that consolidates all the information you need to know about the elections in one place, with frequent daily updates. The website has updates on every election result you need to know about, links to helpful websites, interview with influential politicians and candidates, and more.

It's founded by Patricia Murphy, who writes on the website's homepage: "This is where you can find plain-English answers to where the candidates really stand on issues. You can also find out when and where to vote, what all that political jargon means, and whether there's a debate next week that you might want to watch on TV. Finally, you'll see politics through the eyes of women instead of the eyes of men. God love 'em, but why are men most of the voices in the political conversation when women are most of the voters?"

She's right. Women, especially young women, are far less engaged in politics than they should be. To make her site more exciting, Murphy is even getting interview with some pretty high-profile people: Michelle Obama, CNN's Candy Crowley, Elizabeth Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney. And by Super Tuesday (February 5) she plans to have interview with every major candidate still in the race.

In today's society, it's more important than ever for women to start speaking up and getting more engaged in the political process – and CitizenJane Politics is an extremely helpful resource to help you do so. Check it out now, bookmark it, add it to your RSS feed, whatever: http://www.citizenjanepolitics.com. Start checking it daily and be informed about what's going on with the 2008 elections!

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