Politically Savvy: Deadlines, deadlines everywhere!

After a summer hiatus, Politically Savvy is back, and we have an assignment for you! Now before you start groaning, we feel your pain. It’s deep into midterm season and hearing the words “assignment,” “exam,” or “deadline” probably make you want to vomit. But there’s one deadline rapidly approaching in all fifty states that you can’t afford to let pass you by….the voter registration deadline!

Too many Americans are unable to vote each year because they didn’t register in time. Don’t let yourself become a statistic — your voice is too important to not be counted in what will probably go down as one of the most important, most hotly contested elections in American history. The year 2008 has been a turbulent one — from the heated, historic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to the gradually dropping approval rates of the Bush administration, to the first female Republican VP candidate, to the biggest financial crisis since 1932 — the year 2008 will be known for the history America made this year, and YOU should be a part of that! Many states have already closed voter registration, but it’s still not too late for some. Check out this handy webpage for state-by-state information on how, where, and when to register to vote. It’s easy to put off, but don’t let yourself procrastinate — it only takes a few minutes to do online, and deadlines are rapidly approaching all week.

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